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The information below refers to previous version of the software

Overview of the major upgrade "Pharos Enterprise Benchmarking" is here >>  

Fit is a simple and easy to use software tool for strategic performance management and measurement. It presents major business results and performance used in evaluation of enterprise performance. The set of key performance indicators presented below is well known, used commonly in financial planning and evaluation of financial results of business. It complements the ones available in Pharos providing comprehensive information for assessment of investment risks in accordance to the requirement of Basel II standard.

The software allows monitoring annual financial enterprise performance in one language (e.g. Spanish or Russian) and having reports and graphs available in another language. It facilitates easy and simple presentation of business results in standard terminology to international investors and investment promotion programmes.

Fit is a part of the Pharos software suite for business management, measurement and benchmarking consisting of Pharos, its complementary business benchmarking, data export-import modules as well as Produce Plus software and FIT.

FIT software consists of 3 main components:

1. Data entry forms
2. Data view in graphs
3. Data and Graphs printouts

  Data required to operate FIT-system
There are the following common financial data required for FIT data entry:

Fixed and Current Assets:
- Current assets
- Stocks
- Other Current assets
- Fixed assets
- Other assets

Liabilities and Equity:
- Current Liabilities
- Long-term liabilities
- Other Liabilities
- Shareholders Equity

Income Statement:
- Revenue
- Cost of Goods
- Marketing Costs
- Research and Development
- Income
- Others
- Number of employees


 FIT assistance
The list of indicators on the left side of the screen below can be used for viewing 23 indicators in graphs.

(click on the picture to see full screen animation)

The list consists of the following indicators for evaluating financial performance of the enterprise:

  1. Net Sales index.
  2. Net Sales per employee.
  3. Added value.
  4. Added value in % of sales.
  5. Added value per employee.
  6. Cost of Goods in % of sales.
  7. Investment.
  8. Net Fixed capital in % of sales.
  9. Working capital.
  10. Working capital in % of sales.
  11. Investment intensity in % of Added value.
  12. Investment per employee.
  13. Stocks in percent of sales.
  14. Raw materials in % of sales.
  15. Work in progress in % of sales.
  16. Finished goods in % of sales.
  17. Marketing in % of sales.
  18. Administration in % of sales.
  19. Trade debtors in % of sales.
  20. Average salary per employee.
  21. Number of employees.
  22. ROI.
  23. ROE.

The analysis of these indicators provides necessary information for evaluation of investment risks and business performance over history of enterprise presence in business. It allows simple simulations of the the major decisions consequences under particular assumptions.

FIT utilities provide customization the following options for the users:
bulletDatabase backup/restore
bulletAdd additional language/work in multilingual environment
bulletPrint reports (database tables)
bulletPrint graphs
bulletGet extensive help

The UNIDO Pharos software package which includes FIT can be acquired on-line or by UNIDO or GOLEM IMS GMBH.

The complete suite is provided to enterprises participating in the Training and upgrading programmes introducing continuous improvement practices

Links: Business Partnership


PDF format  Training Programme leaflet (PDF: 530 Kb / 2 pages).

PDF format  FIT brochure here (PDF: 200 Kb ).


PHAROS, BEST, FIT, MCCT software, copyright 1994-2010 UNIDO

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