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unido business performance software
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Training Programs for Small and Medium - sized Enterprises

How to cope with increasing rate of change in business?  

Make business sustainable and competitive?

Invest and innovate with predictable risks?

Improve export and investment attractiveness?

Training Programs for Small and Medium - sized Enterprises in continuous improvement practiceTraining Programs for SME

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methodology, training materials, Pharos software suite, best practices, certificates for consulting and training.


by entrepreneurs, managers and relevant publications in countries.

Management of Change:

Industrial Modernization Programmes for Small & Medium Enterprises  improving capacity for investments, innovations, trade, exports,  competitiveness and sustainable development

UNIDO Business Performance Management Software overview
UNIDO Pharos package supports performance management, measurement and benchmarking by entrepreneurs and consultants.

powerful, easy in use and learn >>

Training Programmes for SME executives in UNIDO Performance Management Software applications
Training for SME managers and business consultants in Management of Change with UNIDO Pharos software suite. Unique, easy learning, supporting best practices >>

Upgrading programmes for supporting capacity building, investment facilitation for young women and men in business start-ups, vocational and executive training

Pharos enterprise benchmarking upgrade for unified analysis and presentation of business results, audit, consulting, education and training

Its our small contribution to the world says about new Pharos development its team leader describing the new generation of business intelligence tools for SMEs

UNIDO Integrated Programme for Colombia

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Business partnerships